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Hotel Review: Best Western Plus BWI Airport North Inn & Suites

Best Western Plus BWI Airport North Inn & Suites
Image of the Best Western Plus BWI Airport North Inn & Suites from BestWestern.com

This was the worst hotel stay that I have ever heard. From check-in to check-out I was unimpressed by the hotel staff. The checkout though, that was really something…

Two weekends ago I went on a mileage run. My mileage run took place during Labor Day weekend and my itinerary looked a little something like this… IAD-LAX-DFW-BWI-DFW-SFO-DFW-DCA.

I had a long layover at night in Baltimore, MD, which is sort of close to home but not really, so I decided to use my free night certificate that I earned this summer from a promotion and get some sleep before my trip to San Francisco, CA. I made a reservation at the Best Western Plus BWI Airport North Inn & Suites, what a mistake that was…

The hotel itself is beautiful. It’s big and it was just remodeled. However, the hotel failed to give us a wake-up call, the alarm clock was off by 15 minutes and the overnight staff was beyond unprofessional.  The front desk agent was outside having a smoke when we were trying to checkout. And when she finally came back inside she didn’t have her uniform on… I later saw her outside having another smoke with another guest in the hotel and flirting up a storm.

The other guest staying with me got into an argument with the shuttle driver who decided to leave early and not take us. He then refused to take us to the airport until 6am even though we had a reservation with the hotel for 5:30 A.M. and our flights check-in cut off was 6:15 A.M., but we did check in on time! It was actually funny though, the shuttle driver and front desk staff blamed each other for the issues. I got a kick out of that because both of them failed to do their job properly.

It was a horrible experience. I’ve never dealt with such poor customer service, unless I’m speaking to AT&T over my iPhone 6 order. I’m also not one of those “Do You Know Who I am” I avoid confrontation at all cost but when someone triggers the inner-Cuban in me, it gets real. The manager apologized for the situation a week later and agreed to refund me my stay. She was nice and it sounded like she cared about my experience, so that’s a plus.

All I’m saying is, DON’T stay at this hotel unless you really have to. Another guest staying there told us that she was not happy with the quality of service she received and was leaving too. Although the manager agreed to refund me my voucher but I have yet to receive the reissued certificate. I will call back on Monday to claim my voucher.

Have any of you experienced such a horrific hotel stay?

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  1. The nastiest hotel I ever stayed at was a Motel 6 in Mobile, AL. We booked a room and drove down there, getting there around midnight.

    The guy’s like “sorry I don’t have any rooms” even though we had a reservation.

    He then says “Well I can give you a room that has something ‘wrong’ with it”. Fine, whatever (at this point we’re exhausted and just need somewhere to sleep.

    The something wrong ended up being that the tub had purple goo all over it. Nastiest place I’ve ever been

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