Have you seen the $500 million A380 the Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered?

$500 million A380 the Prince of Saudi Arabia ownsSaudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal owns an Airbus A380 that cost $300 million (though sources say he negotiated the price down to $280 million) to buy from Airbus and spent an additional $200 on personal configurations to the aircraft which turned it into a flying palace.

The prince has a net worth of over $18 billion dollars and heavily invests in successful multinational corporations such as News Corp, Apple, Citigroup, Twitter, and many others. So money is not really an issue for him. What’s $500 million anyway? Here I am complaining about high airfare prices…

However, it’s important to note that the prince never actually got his jet because he sold it once his stocks in Citi began to plunge.

Here are some of the configurations that the Prince’s A380 requested:

  • A parking space for his Rolls Royce automobile;
  • Concert hall with grand piano, seating for 10 patrons, and stage for private entertainment;
  • Marble Hamam tiled steam room with spa treatments;
  • A wellbeing room complete with flat screen TVs on the walls and floors that shows passengers what they are flying over;
  • Five master bedroom with king sized beds, each with private bathrooms and showers;
  • 20 smaller private rooms;
  • A spiral main staircase;
  • A private elevator that connects the prince’s master bedroom to the tarmac, so he may enter and exit quickly;
  • Boardroom with holographic monitors; and
  • A prayer room with computer monitored prayer mats that will automatically adjust to face Mecca.

Additionally, the belly of the aircraft has a relaxation zone, which includes a Turkish bath lined with marble only 2mm thick to keep the weight down. The plane will also feature several first class seats for miscellaneous use.

It’s no surprise that the prince has such a luxurious taste, given that the prince also owns several yachts, over 100 automobiles, a configured Boeing B747, and an Airbus A321.

Financial records show that the prince eventually sold the A380 to Saudi King Abdullah, though a financial minister denied the allegations and the prince says who he sold the plane to is no ones concern. No one may ever know where the prince’s A380 ended up…

This would make a great Christmas gift, right? Imagine if the Prince and his royal family would donate $500 million to the  starving people of Saudi Arabia.

(BTW: The Airbus order was fulfilled by Airbus in 2012)


Spiraling main staircase

Spiraling main staircase

Luxury master bedrooms

Luxury master bedrooms


The Wellbeing room, which will allow guests to see what they are flying over through a giant screen on the floor

The Boardroom with a touchscreen desk

The Boardroom with a touchscreen desk

Source(s): Daily Mail Online / Forbes

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  1. Flyingdoctowu // December 30, 2014 at 6:54 pm //

    FWIW according to Forbes this plane never got outfitted and was sold off instead. In addition I would recommend listing the sources of your pics and info unless they are your own creation.

  2. FlyingDoctorWu // December 31, 2014 at 8:48 pm //

    Thanks for moderating my comment!

    • Thanks for your recommendation. No one has claimed the image as their own. Additionally, many bloggers do not detail their source unless they copy & paste an article. I did update the post to reflect that the prince does not own the plane currently. Thanks for your feedback! I do appreciate it 🙂

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