Holiday Travel: How Much Would You Pay?

holiday travel

The First Thanksgiving 1621, oil on canvas by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1899

So, I’m currently looking at flights to go home to Miami, FL from Washington, D.C. for the Thanksgiving holiday. Flights, like every holiday, are expensive.

I’m a bit restricted on the day and time that I could leave and return due to my school schedule, so that doesn’t help either.

Price in miles: (round trip)

  • Economy: 62,500 (YIKES)
  • First: 75,000 (YIKES)

Price in cash: (round trip)

  • $518-$700.

WAS to MIA is only about 920-946 miles one-way. And, American no longer offers first class meals on this route…though as an AA EXP I would be okay with a snack and free rum and coke.

The most I am willing to pay in miles is about 35,000 for an economy/first class ticket mix…and that’s simply because I love my family and want to be there this thanksgiving. I haven’t been home for thanksgiving in three years! Cash wise, under $350 would be nice, but probably unlikely.

I haven’t decided what I will be doing yet. I still have two months so it’s not a big deal. How much have you paid in the past for thanksgiving or holiday travel in general?

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  1. Can you use avios?

  2. Amtrak would get you in well under your budget. Use the time to catch up on sleep (or blogging!) and save the cash for your next adventure. Depending on the times, you can get MIA-WAS for under $200 RT!

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