HAZMAT Crew On United Flight With Possible Ebola Patient


Airport authorities at LAX are reporting that a patient on board a United flight may possibly have Ebola after traveling to Africa.

United Airlines flight 703, which originated at John K. Kennedy International, arrived at Los Angeles International with a patient on board that was vomiting and exhibiting other flu-like symptoms, according to Airport Sgt. Ortiz.

The patient is reported to have recently traveled to Africa, although the details of where in Africa or when he was there were not immediately available. According to a CBS news local affiliate, the plane was taken to a remote gate on the west-side of the airport and a hazardous materials team was deployed to the plane in order to investigate the matter further.

No more news was immediately available.

We have been reporting on the fears and news associated with the Ebola outbreak.  You can read about the risks of contracting Ebola while flying at a recent article we wrote here.

This is not the first flight that has involved United Airlines and a possible patient.  United also carried the passenger from Brussels-Dulles-Dallas that was later diagnosed with the disease.  That patient died earlier this week, although he was not contagious while he traveled, according to the CDC.


The Los Angeles County Department of Health said that the patient was taken to a local hospital, where it was determined that the patient was not a risk for Ebola.

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