Update on the compromised AAdvantage frequent flyer accounts

Update on the compromised AAdvantage frequent flyer accountsYesterday I wrote about how numerous American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer accounts had been compromised. There are more details available now as to what happened and as to what those affected customers should know.

  • According to ABC News, the issue is affecting approximately 10,000 AAdvantage frequent flyer accounts. The airline has started to freeze and merge (to new accounts) members who have over 100,000 miles in their account first and will move their way down to those who have <100,000 soon.
  • Upgrades, both e500s and systemwide upgrades, will continue to be honored and will be reflecting soon, if they haven’t already. Though, I recommend being proactive by emailing AAdvantage Customer Support via if your upgrades are not there by now.
  • Itineraries will be remapped soon to reflect your new AAdvantage account number, just give it a bit or call reservations.
  • Citi Bank has apparently been notified and if your account was affected (or merged as some call it), then your credit card has also been updated to reflect the new AAdvantage number.
  • New Admirals Club cards and elite status cards will be sent reflecting the new AAdvantage number. Though, I DO recommend you make sure this is being done by calling reservations and/or the AC desk directly.

According to an American spokeswoman, American will be paying for credit-watch services for one year for those affected customers.

The matter has been referred to the FBI for further investigation.

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  1. Kathe Lambertz // January 16, 2015 at 6:30 pm //

    I do not agree with the overweight policy. A person should ave to fit within the armrest. Extending 1″ over takes an armrest away from the person sitting next to them. If the person in the next seat is not a small person their bodies would be in direct contact. I was in that situation on a Delta flight. They said they could not change my seat. I received no compensation for not having a full seat on a 4 hour flight. I have never flown Delta since.

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