Vomiting Ryanair Passengers Refuse To Get Back On Plane After Rough Turbulence

Vomiting Ryanair Passengers

Vomiting Ryanair Passengers Refuse To Get Back On Plane After Rough Turbulence

Turbulence can be a pretty serious matter, and can sometimes lead to some pretty serious consequences.  We’ve seen an American Airlines Flight diverted with injuries on board because of turbelence, or there was this example from a South African Airways flight that also hit serious turbulence.  It can be absolutely terrifying for passengers on board when this rough turbulence hits.  Well, turbulence and an abandoned landing on a Ryanair flight this weekend left passengers reeling.

The flight attempted to land at Dublin airport, but it was forced to abandon the landing because of 60 mile per hour winds that made it extremely difficult and unsafe to land.  The tower informed the pilots they would be sixth in line for another attempt at a landing, so the pilots decided to take the aircraft to land at Shannon airport instead.

According to the Irish Mirror:

One mother of two said: “It was an extremely turbulent flight and there were people vomiting and absolutely terrified. We were supposed to land in Dublin at 12.20pm. The pilot tried to land but took off again. We were told we were diverting to Shannon and we arrived there at 1.15pm.”

The mum added: “We asked to get off with our children as they were very upset and did not feel safe going any further on the plane.

“Our daughter Isabelle was vomiting and terrified. We were advised that at the pilot’s discretion we may leave but he must sign papers first.

Apparently, when they landed at Shannon, they were told they’d have to wait six hours before a crew at Shannon would be available to help deplane.  After some time, the airline said the passengers could wait until ground crews were available or they could leave Shannon and head back to Dublin.  Many of the passengers, who were terrified and feeling very sick after the terrible turbulence, demanded to get off the plane.  After hours on the plane, passengers were finally given the option to disembark, after not being offered any kind of food or drink, until right before the people deplaned, at which point the company opened the bar.

This sounds like a terrible experience for the passengers!

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