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What is Business Extra from American Airlines?

American Airlines Business ExtraAmerican Airlines has a small business rewards program called Business Extra where your company can earn points for flights taken.

Think of it as an AAdvantage program but for businesses. The program differs from the AAdvantage program in the sense that Business Extra is revenue based instead of how many nautical miles you fly.

You can earn 2 Business Extra points for every $10 spent on eligible flights and fares. You can only earn points for travel on American Airlines, American Eagle, US Airways and US Airways Express, you can also earn points on any codeshare flight (AA*) operated by British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas Airways or US Airways as long as you have a 001 ticket number.

What can you redeem your Business Extra points for?

  • AAdvantage Gold elite status
  • Award flights (domestic & international)
  • One-Segment System Upgrades
  • Admirals Club (Day pass & Annual membership)

*Business Extra points expire on December 31, two calendar years after the points were earned.

If you signup for Business Extra today, or any time in the future, you cannot get points for flights that you have already flown. However, you can request points for future flights that you have already booked but have not yet flown by calling the Business Extra customer service department and adding your Business Extra # to your reservation prior to flying.

Future reservations are easy to earn points for, simply add your Business Extra number during the reservation process or to your AAdvantage account under reservation preferences.

You can also earn Business Extra points by using third-party partners such as Rocketmiles, Avis, TriNet, Vistaprint, Office Max, and legalzoom.

The AA business program, in my opinion, is more generous than Delta’s SkyBonus program.

Click here to join Business Extra and start earning business points on your upcoming flights

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