Delta Airlines is rewarding its employees with $1.1 billion

According to Business Insider, earlier this month Delta Airlines announced that its more than 80,000 global employees will receive a total of $1.1 billion in market share.

Delta Airlines is rewarding its employees with $1.1 billion

Courtesy: CNN

Essentially, Delta employees will receive 16% of their annual salary from the market share bonus.

$450 million of the $1.1 billion will go to employees based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The market share bonus is not to be confused with the bonus that employees already received for good performance, which Delta calls “Shared Rewards.”


Source: Benjamin Zhang, Business Insider


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  1. This announcement does not pass the sniff test. Delta’s announcement implies that all employees are getting a 16% bonus. I think this is an average figure and that executives are getting much more than 16% and rank-and-file employees are getting much less than that. The announcement says that more than 40% of the payout is going to employees in ATL. delta does not have 40% of its global workforce in ATL. It does have a lot of executives there. My guess is the executives are getting bonuses in the range of 50-75% of their base salaries or more and the vast majority of employees are getting bonuses of 5-7%.

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