Why I won’t fly US Airways until the merger integration is complete

us_airways_express_1Here are some of the reasons why I will not be flying US Airways until the merger integration is complete.

  1. US Airways’ IT has annoying faults. AA elite members on the upgrade standby list can be skipped by a passenger newly checking in when a first/business class becomes available. Though, to be fair, I know it’s easier for AA elites to get upgraded on US than the other way around.
  2. The US Airways “move up” policy is idiotic. In order to qualify for move up your new flight must: “a) be within 6 hours of the original scheduled departure, b) on the same day with the same number of stops, c) All flights have open seats. HOWEVER, if your flight simply stops but does not change planes it is not considered a stop and you will therefore struggle to find a flight which they deem to be ‘direct.’ This becomes a nuisance because when you arrive at your stopping point, they still plead with you to get off the plane.
  3. AAdvantage elites cannot get upgraded on AA flights booked on US Airways. The only way to get upgraded on an AA flight as an AA elite member when your flight is booked on US Airways is by waiting until check-in day or at the airport. This makes it extremely hard to get upgraded if you’re an AA Gold or Platinum member.
  4. US Airways’ planes are as old as George Washington. Okay, not really. But they are in worse shape than all AA planes that I’ve been on. More uncomfortable too. Though, this will still be the case even once the integration is complete for quite some time.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent my frustration with US Airways today via a post. By the time the integration is complete they won’t really be called US Airways anymore… Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. #1 bit me hard. There was an open seat at T-24. Could not select it. Called 3 times. No one could help. They said too bad “it’s under airport control”. Magically it disappears from airport control when I try checking in 12 hours later to find out the seat is now taken.

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