Young American Poses As Airport Janitor To Sneak Into Germany To Visit Girlfriend

American Poses As Airport Janitor
Photo by Tobias Rehbein on Unsplash

Young American Poses As Airport Janitor To Sneak Into Germany To Visit Girlfriend

There’s plenty of stories in the world about stupid love.  Well, one American added another story to the bunch.  The 20-year-old American flew from Washington to Frankfurt, Germany to see his girlfriend.  The only problem?  Americans (with few exceptions) are not currently allowed to visit the country due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

But that’s okay, because there is no way those restrictions were going to stop this guy from seeing his girlfriend.  After arriving at the airport, he dressed up as a janitor in order to get through an airport security checkpoint.  Deutsche Welle reports:

The man put on a reflective vest and grabbed two black trash bags and headed towards the checkpoint, pretending he was there to empty the trash cans.

However, a “watchful employee” noticed that the man had no security ID and that he could also not speak German. She informed the police, who in turn detained the US national, the authorities said in their report.

The worst part?  Airport authorities say even if he snuck past the security checkpoint, he still would be in the transit area, at which point he’d have to go through a separate border checkpoint.  By Monday, the young lover was back on a plane to the United States, and he never saw his girlfriend after a very big failed attempt at doing.  Hats off for creativity, though?

Bottom Line

Young love can be incredibly stupid.  After flying from the U.S. to Europe, this young man was sent back the next day — and unable to see his girlfriend.  It should be noted that travel restrictions during a pandemic are likely not something you should flout.  But then again, who can let an ocean and world borders get in the way of love?

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