10 Best Airline Commercials

Top 10 Airline Commercials

Airline commercials in the past were very cheesy, but cute. They were patriotic, inspirational and forward-looking, after looking through over 100 commercials we have picked the 10 Best Airline Commercials off all time. You will notice how polite the flight attendants looked and how classy flying used to be, much of that is gone, unfortunately. You will also notice that United Airlines had commercials focused on customer service and friendly flight attendants – what happened?

What are your thoughts on these commercials?

1. United Airlines, 1980s

2. Frontier Airlines

3. United Airlines, 1982

4. Turkish Airlines

5. Virgin Atlantic

6. American Airlines, 1981

7. Aerolineas Argentinas

8. British Airways, 1989

9. Southwest Airlines, 1972

10. American Airlines, 1970s

*None of these videos were made by Fly2Travel. They have been embedded on our website from YouTube.
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  1. The Virgin Atlantic one is priceless! They could even bring that back now and it’d still work. They should do a now and then with the AA flight attendants- back in the 1980s caring about passengers, and now pushing their cart as they run over people in the aisles, screaming drinks, next!

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