American’s Twitter team is by far the best in the industry

American's Twitter team is by far the best in the industryI think that American’s Twitter team is by far the best in the industry, I can tweet or direct message them a question or problem and within an hour an agent will respond and usually solve whatever problem I had.

American also tweets daily things like deals, program updates, airline changes, imminent weather, employee stories, and etc. For example, during Valentines day American shared some employee love stories, see tweets below.

When you compare American’s team to Delta’s or United’s, there is no question that American’s team is far superior. I’m not being biased, but Delta’s team takes a lot longer to answer and they usually don’t solve most matter via Twitter. We won’t even address United.

If you ever have a question but cannot call, I definitely recommend using Twitter to try and get your question answered.

Keep in mind that there are some things you still need to contact reservations for, but for the most part, American’s Twitter team can answer most questions.

Have you ever dealt with an airlines Twitter team? How was it?

*Reminder: As of February 28th, US Airways will be using @AmericanAir and no longer operating their @USAirways account.

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  1. In my dozens of interactions with United – many through DMs to fix issues – they have always come through for me, sometimes going way above and beyond. I’m in no position to comment on the others because I haven’t request help from them. Unfortunately, I am alone in thinking that I can’t comment on what I don’t know, because it seems to me like everyone who complains about @united hasn’t even talked to them.

  2. Actually pretty disappointed with AA’s twitter team. There were unable to help out with a refund issue, stating that “they’re only a social media team”. I called them out on that stating if they’re a social media team they should have access to every department within AA including the refunds department. They acknowledged this, but still didn’t help resolve my issue.

  3. I’ve been really happy with the AA twitter team. I would agree they’re the best.

  4. Actually my experience has been exactly reverse although with the caveat that I didn’t use Delta’s twitter team in 2014 (more like 2013).
    I mainly used DeltaAssist during IRROPs or if something went wrong with a reservation. In almost all cases the fixes were done within 5-10 minutes of my original tweet unless there were follow up questions.
    This summer I tried using AA twitter while waiting on hold while inline at the ticket counter to get rebooked for a trip gone wrong. The phone line won.

  5. How about picking up the phone.

    Clogging Twitter with these inane basic requests is so inefficient for everyone.

    Maybe the one time out of ten you’re stuck in a meeting and can’t make noise. But otherwise so much of it is DYKWIA

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