Turkish Airlines might lease A380s from Malaysia Airlines

Turkish Airlines might lease A380s from Malaysia AirlinesTurkish Airlines is currently floating around the idea of leasing two Airbus A380 aircraft from Malaysian Airline.

According to Bloomberg‘s article, Malaysia Airlines no longer needs all six of the A380s it operates due to a high decrease in ticket sales. Turkish Airlines management plan to ask the board for approval in the coming days and if the approval is granted, they will begin formal negotiations with the Malaysia Airlines.

There’s no doubt that leasing the A380s to Turkish Airlines would help cash-strapped Malaysia Airlines during its restructuring period. Turkish Airlines has already ordered 117 aircraft from Airbus and 95 from Boeing, which means the airline is adding nearly three jets a month.

Turkish Airlines’ main hub is at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and the airline is a member of Star Alliance. Presently, Turkish Airlines services 261 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, making the Turkish the fourth-largest airline in terms of destinations served.

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  1. MH has had a big decrease in X. Does anyone know how they are doing in terms of Y?

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