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British Airways just audited my account and removed my Avios


British Airways just audited my account and removed my Avios

Just a few minutes ago I logged into my BA.com account and noticed that my Avios were gone and the description of the transaction states “Ex-Gratia Manual Avios Adjustment.” While doing some research online (FlyerTalk, Yahoo, etc) for such description, I came upon other BA members who have had this happen because of Terms and Conditions violations. I, however, I have never violated any of BA.com’s T&C, at least not to my knowledge.

  • I do not engage in selling or buying Avios from others; and
  • I do not engage in manufacture spending.

Those two are just the most common reasons for frequent flyer account Audit.

Also, when I first tried to login my password was ‘wrong’ (aka they changed it) and I had to reset it back, that’s when I discovered the missing Avios.

I reached out to British Airways via Twitter and via an online form to get to the bottom of this. No response as of yet. Coincidentally, the debit of the Avios took place today, the same day that I decided to check my Avios.

UPDATE: The Avios are back in my account. According to British Airways there was some sort of breach that caused some Executive Club accounts to get frozen temporarily.

Have any of you gone through this with British Airways? Share your experience in the comments section.

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  1. You weren’t likely audited. BA had a breach that affected over a million accounts (according to the person with whom I spoke). You need to call them, verify your information, and they will be manually adding your avios points back, which he said may take a week.

  2. Adam

    Looks like a wide spread issue. Many reports of this today from multiple BA bloggers and forums.

    Glad I don’t have Avios yet. Although will soon with how good their short haul flights are.


  3. I just had mine disappear today, showing the same day I had trouble logging in and emailed for a password resent. Over 500k miles: “poof!”

    My only activity in the last 3 years has been to transfer some Amex rewards points (50k this month) and SPG points (150k 1.5 years ago).

    This must be a software glitch, or corporate fraud. Which would not surprise me coming from the folks who charge ~$1000 “fees” for what was promised to be an earned “FREE” ticket.

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