FoundersCard Membership. Essential For Frequent Travelers.

FoundersCard membershipEarlier last week I decided to join FoundersCard, a great program that gives you access to travel and lifestyle benefits that can potentially save you thousands of dollars annually. This program was designed with frequent travelers and entrepreneurs in mind.

FoundersCard membership is exclusive in the sense that you need to be invited or referred to be allowed into the program. Upon acceptance by a FC administrators, you will need to pay a nominal annual fee.

If you sign up through Fly2Travel or use pomo code FCADAM170, your annual membership fee is $395 instead of the $795 standard fee. This offer is only available through September 30, 2014.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Airline Benefits:
    • Discount on most fares at participating major airlines. Discounts are between 5-25% depending on the participating airline. (foreign & domestic)
    • Elite status at participating airlines
    • Complimentary TripIt Pro for one year
  • Hotel Benefits:
    • Elite status at participating hotel brands
    • Discounted rates at participating hotels
  • Car Rental Benefits:
    • Elite status at some major car rental companies
    • Discounted rates at some major car rental companies
  • Lifestyle Benefits:
    • Retail store discounts
    • Elite status at participating casinos, yes this is a thing!
    • Access to car clubs, health & fitness clubs and much more at a discounted rate
    • Entertainment access & discounted tickets to events
  • Business Benefits:
    • Cellular plan discounts of 15% (personal/family accounts)
    • Discounts on business products
    • Discounts at participating business retail stores
    • Discounts on shopping plans and services

**Due to terms of service, I cannot specify the participating companies or certain benefits.**

This is just a general overview of what some of the benefits are. So far I have saved 15% off my cell phone bill, earned elite status at a car rental company, redeemed complimentary TripIt Pro membership for a year and much more. I definitely recommend those who travel often or are businesspeople to check out the FoundersCard.

To sign up with the Fly2Travel offer click here or use my VIP promo code: FCADAM170

*Fly2Travel will get FC reward points for every new membership. We do not earn any actual monetary commission from this company. This post is intended to spread awareness of the program, not to earn personal compensation.

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4 Comments on FoundersCard Membership. Essential For Frequent Travelers.

  1. Very nonspecific benefits..doesn’t give anyone a reason to sign up.

    • Unfortunately, I have agreed not to disclose the benefits in detail. All I can say is that you can save 5-25% off flights on certain airlines. If I could be more specific…I would be!

  2. agree with tom jones…. If this company you’re partnering with wants you to bring in business they’re going to have to let you give more i for because for $400 none of this makes us want to sign up

    • There is no “partnership” between them and F2T. It’s a simple referral and a general review. Have a look through their website. I’m sure FoundersCard would love nothing more than to share their benefits but the companies that they have agreements with do not allow it. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions on the benefits you seek.

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