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Hilton Seattle – Very unsanitary stay & HORRIBLE customer service

I stayed at the Hilton Seattle for two nights between November 14 and November 16th. The purpose of my trip was  to celebrate my birthday with some friends who were also traveling to Seattle, WA.

I checked in very late on Friday, November 14, so I decided to just go to bed after dinner. The next morning, on the 15th, my friend and I went to the executive floor (more details on my review this weekend) for breakfast. After breakfast, one of us took a bath. After about an hour, when we were getting ready I smelled a foul odor coming from the bathroom. It honestly smelled like feces.

At first, I thought she let out toxic gas… but then I looked at the bathtub (it was gargling something up, not down the drain) and it looked as if the bathtub backed up and something foul and unsanitary came out of the drain.

Tub after something came out of the drain

I asked to be moved to a different room and I was given two options: 1) move to a double bed room or 2) go to a room with no view. In reality I had three options, I could have stayed in an unsanitary room… but lets not consider that an option. No other room similar to mine was available. I did not have much time to argue because I had to meet my friends, so I complained to Hilton via Twitter and they said that the Hilton Seattle management would reach out to me soon. They never did, no message, no credit, no points for my horrible experience, nothing!

About six hours later, when I came back to shower, I saw that the room I was originally in was already given to someone else. I warned the guest staying in the room and showed them the picture. I doubt a plumber or maintenance person looked at the room and to put someone in a room that had feces or something foul coming out of the bathtub drain is just not okay.

Anyway, I was stuck in a double bed room even though I paid for a king size bed. There were two of us, a double bed has less space and that is not what I paid for. I’ve never had an issue with Hilton like this before, I was kind of shocked really.

A couple of days after my stay I got a survey via email. I tried to complete the survey but when I answered “No” to the question asking if my issue was resolved, Hilton decided that I no longer qualified to take part in their survey.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.45.57 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 12.25.29 AM

I sent an email to Hilton’s customer service and they responded with this:

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,
Thank you for contacting Hilton Guest Assistance. My name is Kelly. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your concerns regarding your stay at the Hilton Seattle.
After reviewing your file, I see the hotel has been in contact with you and extended complimentary parking and breakfast for your stay.
Should you require further assistance, please contact our Guest Assistance office, via e-mail at guest.correspondence@hilton.com.

So, yeah let me break this down:

  1. I was never offered free parking or breakfast by anyone. No message was left in the rooms phone either.
  2. I did not have a car so complimentary parking would be a ridiculous thing to offer me.
  3. I already had breakfast due to my Hilton HHonors status AND I left too early on the 16th to enjoy their breakfast anyway.

Hilton has been beyond incompetent in terms of resolving my issue. I always go out of my way to book with Hilton and more than 90% of the time I do unless there is a ridiculous difference in price.

Therefore, I’m currently exploring my options and will probably be shopping for hotel loyalty. Any recommendations?

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  1. I’d actually reach out to the hotel to address this issue instead of relying upon the centralized “guest assistance” office. Try to find the manager’s e-mail address and e-mail him/her to express your concerns. Of course, I’d have asked to speak with the manager while actually at the property.

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