Ready To Travel? Hawaiian Airlines Lets You Discover Hawaii From Home

Discover Hawaii From Home
Courtesy: Hawaiian Airlines

Ready To Travel? Hawaiian Airlines Lets You Discover Hawaii From Home

Although it is not possible for many to travel to Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is bringing Hawaii to your home.  The airline created the “Sharing Aloha Series“, which takes slices of Hawaiian culture and shares it on the Internet.  Hawaiian Airlines plans to teach people how to cook ahi tuna, hula dance, or even make a homemade lei.

According to the airline’s Facebook page, there will be teaching how to sweet butter mochi.  Sweet butter mocha is a classic Hawaiian treat made from coconut milk and mochiko (glutinous rice flower).  This is just one example of many of the different online cultural excursions the airline is offering.

The airline offers a number of videos and online classes for people through their social media accounts and website.  In a description of the series the airline said, “Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting some of our favorite recipes prepared by local chefs, cultural activities and classes led by our employees and local music and entertainment from the comfort of your home.

This is a unique way for the airline to keep people occupied.  But it also serves to excite people about the prospect of visiting Hawaii.  We had a trip planned to Hawaii that was canceled — and we’re still struggling to get refunds for our accommodations.  However, we’re in the process of planning for a cruise to Hawaii next year.  So at least we’ll hopefully see it soon!

Bottom Line

This is a clever idea for the airline to draw attention to their product.  It also instills a desire to travel to Hawaii when all of this is over.  Although I’ve only been to Hawaii once for a day on a work trip. this makes me want to go there even more.  As long as we’re stuck home, perhaps this can give us as close a view of travel as possible!

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