Passenger shocked by last minute Frontier fee at check-in

Passenger shocked by last minute Frontier fee at check-in

We are all aware of the usual airline fees, right? Like change fees, baggage fees, upgrade fees, etc… But this change fee came as a surprise to a man from Phoenix as he and his daughter checked in for their flight on Frontier Airlines.

Jason Kowalski wanted to visit family out of state so he and his wife decided to plan a trip to go see their grandchildren in Nebraska. Kowalski found two round-trip tickets on Frontier Airlines, one for him and a second for his wife. The total price: $232 round-trip.

Unfortunately, shortly before the trip, Kowalski’s wife ended up getting sick so he decided to contact the airline and change the name of the passenger traveling. Frontier charged him their $75 name change fee and reissued the ticket under the new name.

During the check-in process at the airport, however, Kowalski was then also asked to pay a “fare difference fee.” Frontier wanted Kowalski to pay the difference in price between the time his wife booked her flight and when the name change took place. The phone agent who executed the name change fee never told Kowalski of the fare difference fee so it came to Kowalski as a surprise during check-in.

Under duress by the shocking news that he now had to pay a fare difference fee, Kowalski paid the fare difference fee so that he and his daughter could board their flight and visit their family in Nebraska.

Since the flight, Kowalski has been asking Frontier to refund the fare difference fee but Frontier has refused and has instead offered to waive the $75 name change fee if he provides a medical note from a doctor detailing his wife’s medical condition.

Personally, I think this is bullshit. Usually airlines will tell you of all fees prior to check-in. The usual exception being baggage fees, seat selection fees, upgrade fees, pet fees, etc. If a fare difference fee was required, the Frontier agent who performed the name change should have informed Kowalski ahead of time. A fare difference fee is significantly different (including different in price) than those mentioned above. Frontier, on principal, should refund Kowalski the fare difference fee. But, they won’t because they only care about their bottom line.

Source: Fox5 San Diego

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  1. This is easy: file complaint with DOT re post-purchase price increase. DOT will reach out to Frontier, and Frontier will hopefully refund the wrongly charged fare increase.

  2. phoenix00 // October 14, 2018 at 1:24 am //

    What @John said. Or dispute it with the credit card issuer.

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